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What can we do for you?

Telcon is working for a strong mobile coverage

A good mobile coverage is crucial today end even more so in the future. In Telcon we support the telecommunications industry and we are working for the perfect coverage for everyone in Denmark.

And we are present at all levels – from the site acquisition for antennas to the network of the future.

We cover for you

Telcon has the best experience in the business and we offer everything from site acquisition to project management as well as maintaining contact to landowners and authorities.

We also do all kinds of turn-key-projects with both permanent and temporary solutions. Great flexibility is always a crucial element in our products.

Challenge us

At Telcon we consider our customers as partners because that approach is committing when it comes to price and quality.
We solve many tasks within the telecommunications industry and we always say: “We can deliever whatever the customer needs”.
A good challenge makes the ideas fly high – so feel free to test us.

We solve many different challenges

Site Acquisition

A good mobile coverage is crucial to everyone in the world today. At Telcon we are experts in finding the right sites for new antennas and getting design and all deals and contracts in place.

We are also continually improving and developing existing network.

Technical solutions

At Telcon we love a good challenge. Often we have to create completely new solutions to our customers technical problems when it comes to mobile coverage.

It is not impossible just because it has not been done before. So please feel free to contact us for at talk about your challenge.


The telecommunications industry is needless to say developing with rapid speed. The development demands more and more of the network that are supporting the traffic. At Telcon we know what is happening and we are not afraid to talk about the future.

Are you facing large scale projects  please call us first. We have the experience to guide you the right way.


Our office in Myanmar, Telcon Asean, is one of our exciting projects. Here we are among the pioneers that are working for a better mobile coverage and infrastructure in a country that has just only awaken to the digital age.

See a lot more about Telcon Asean here

Project management

We can give you the time for other work tasks by managing your projects for you. When the site acquisition is done we already know the specifics of the project, and of course we can help you with the implementation or the technical project management. We are also happy to take responsibility for the daily operations for you.

We can do whatever you need

At Telcon we know the telecommunications business by heart and we keep track of the development for you.

The list of what we do is long, so please give us a call if you want to hear more about our solutions.