New Owner: Strong constellation in the Danish telecommunications industry

Two of the biggest companies servicing the Danish telecommunications industry now have the same owner. Telcon A/S and KPR Consult A/S are now owned by KPR Towers A/S.

Telcon A/S enters 2018 stepping into a new and very strong constellation with KPR Consult A/S under the name KPR Tower A/S. It is two companies with complimenting services, who now unite in one strong unit with an injection of capital that enables KPR Towers to buy existing passive infrastructure and establish completely new sites. Sites that are rented to the operators in the tele business and others who might be searching for free space to rent in towers, lampposts, and poles on roofs.

All existing services for Telcon as well as for KPR Consult will continue with out change, but we will be adding an investment module to relieve the CAPEX investments of the tele business and thereby ensuring faster and better roll out of especially new technologies when they are launched.

We will be on the front line

The Danish telecommunications business has for a period of years been challenged by increased demands for investments, faster roll out of more mobile broadband, constant upgrades in the existing installations, and expectations of levels of coverage and speed that have not previously been seen in the Danish society.

  • With our nye actions in KPR Towers A/S, we can do even more for our customers, and we will take part in the construction of the required infrastructure to the many new mobile- and IoT services that are essential for future Denmark. We want to take part in the optimization of the infrastructure, reducing the number of masts and secure an efficient exploitation of the investments already made, says Peder Hansen, who together with Jens Lassen were the management in Telcon A/S:


  • We are looking forward to continuing servicing our customers in the very best way and we wish to walk in the front with new and value-creating services that will make the processes significantly easier in the future. There is an urgent demand for the business to do things differently. It is very exciting perspectives, Jens Lassen adds.

Both Jens Lassen and Peder Hansen continues in the management in KPR Towers A/S.

  • KPR Towers brings together, with the joint ownership of the two companies, a lot of valuable experience, innovative thinking, a unique tower booking system, cost respect and great ability to invest. That is why we are able to offer the Danish tele operators, and others who want to rent a space in a tower, services not previously seen in Denmark. The joint venture of the two companies does not only make KPR Towers A/S a strong supplier but also an innovative strategic economically strong partner to our customers, says Henrik Kamstrup, CEO in KPR Tower A/S.

Henrik Kamstrup is also aiming to ensure a dynamic, exciting and creative workplace for the team of skilled workers.



The new KPR Towers A/S is located in the Danish cities Hørsholm, Aarhus, and Varde and furthermore has companies in India and Myanmar. The company is owned by the Skouboe family who among other things is the founder of the worlds largest mill wing producer LM Glasfiber that in 2001 was sold to British Doughty Hanson.


In the picture, you see most of Telcon’s Danish staff members together with the new CEO for KPR Towers A/S Henrik Kamstrup.