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Lerpøtvej 1B
6800 Varde

Phone: +45 76 52 11 00

VAT no. 29 80 67 72 


Jens Lassen
Jens LassenCEO
Jens has the overall responsibility for Telcon A/S and he keeps track of both economy and IT. Are you an operator or do you need to know something about technique or for example IoT-solutions? – Jens is always ready for your phone call.

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Phone | +45 76 52 11 00

Camilla Klingenberg Terp
Camilla Klingenberg Terp Senior project manager
Camilla is senior project manager and she has an impressive experience from many different projects during her more than ten years in Telcon. She also works with site acquisition, IT support and general support and guidance of Telcons customers.

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Phone | +45 76 52 11 32 / + 45 61 20 90 17

Tina Christensen
Tina Christensen Financial manager
Tina deals with administration and bookkeeping. If you have questions about an invoice call Tina.

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Phone | 76 52 11 01 / 61 20 71 46

Karen Quistgaard Jensen
Karen Quistgaard JensenSenior site manager
Karen works with contract negotiation, site acquisition, and project management. She loves the contact with the customers and creating solutions that work for everybody involved.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00 / 61 22 01 72

Nina Wolff
Nina WolffCommunications and PR
Nina is responsible for Telcons communication and she finds the right words for our messages to customers and the world around us. Nina is also Telcon’s press contact.

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Phone | 22 94 88 26

Peer Justesen
Peer Justesen Senior site manager
Peer helps build the mobile coverage in Denmark by finding and designing new antenna sites. Peers favourite time in a project is when all challenges are solved and the new antenna becomes reality. Peer works from Kirke Helsinge near Kalundborg on Sjælland.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00 / 61 20 96 55

Erik Mortensen
Erik Mortensen Site manager and IT- and telesupport
Erik finds new sites for our customers and he likes the process where the contact to the indivual person and the authorities is the focus. Erik is also responsible for IT- and Telesupport and does project managing.

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Phone | +45 76 52 11 03 / 61 20 96 56

Ole W. Schmidt
Ole W. SchmidtProject manager
Ole works with project managing and roll outs of projects for our customers in the telecommunications industry. Ole finds his work inspiring and is happy for the good team of colleagues that are supporting in Denmark as well as abroad. Ole works from Aarhus.

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Phone | +45 76 52 11 00 / 51 15 51 19

Pernille Damm
Pernille DammSenior site manager
Pernille loves talking with people and she is working to secure deals for the future to everyones satisfaction.

She likes finding consensus and creating the basis for a good cooperation.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00 / 61 22 79 54

Glenna Nielsen
Glenna NielsenSite manager
Glenna likes that the process of site acquisition both demands time in front of the computer and being out in “the real world”. It is a treasure hunt finding the exactly right site and every time it is an exciting challenge to get the project done so that alle parties are satisfied.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00 / 51 68 18 08

Jakob Pilgaard
Jakob PilgaardSite manager
Jakob is one of our very experienced site managers and he always works in a solution-oriented way. He is always ready for a talk on the phone. Jakob is based in Odense.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Jonas Larsen
Jonas LarsenSite manager
Jonas is one of our skilled site managers working with site acquisition. Jonas works from the office in Varde.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Martin Ravn Stein
Martin Ravn SteinFinance assistant
Martin is our accomplished finance assistant, who makes sure that all the numbers add up.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Philip Htun
Philip HtunSite manager in Myanmar
Philip is our Danish site manager in the office in Myanmar. He assists our general manager in the country.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Karin Rose
Karin RoseSite manager
Karin is one of our site managers who also deals with administrative tasks in the office in Varde.

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Phone | 81 40 67 13

Gitte Ulsøe
Gitte UlsøeProject assistant
Gitte assists the site hunters solving a wide range of tasks in the site hunting proces.

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Phone | + 45 81 40 32 01

Mathilde B. Madsen
Mathilde B. MadsenProject worker
Mathilde is among Telcons talented project workers and she solves many tasks that would otherwise be stealing time from our site hunters.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Christian S. Sigersted
Christian S. SigerstedProject worker
Christian works with project management and development of a range of different tasks in Telcon. Christian gets a kick out of making ideas become real.

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Phone | 51 15 51 18

Marcus A. Hansen
Marcus A. HansenStudent worker
Marcus is one of Telcons project workers and he is geeky in the good kind of way. He is amazing when it comes to computers and web pages and at Marcus’ desk you can be sure to get your digital problems fixed.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Rasmus Jørgensen
Rasmus JørgensenProjekt worker
Rasmus is one of our skilled U21-team players who support our site managers in their work, Rasmus helps out in the office with a wide range of tasks.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Kristian Søndergaard
Kristian SøndergaardProjekt worker
Kristian is among our cool U21-helpers who does a lot of valuable work for our team – both within site hunting as well as other tasks at hand at the office.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Frederik Lykke Schnefeldt
Frederik Lykke SchnefeldtProject worker
Frederik is one of our student workers who helps out in the office in Varde and deals with a wide range of administrative tasks.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Andy Booker
Andy BookerProject manager
Andy is project manager for our design office. Andy deals with production and quality assurance. In our design office the key words are quality and day to day delivery.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00

Jan Spange
Jan SpangeSite manager
Jan works with site acquisition – locating the right spot, getting the permissions and contracts ready, and designing the project. Jan works from Copenhagen.

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Phone | 76 52 11 00